Mehef Farm turns to Belsap fertilizer

As weather patterns become more and more unpredictable, farmers are looking for alternative methods for growing crops, in a manner that maximizes use of water. Many are increasingly turning to Belsap, a type of fertilizer in the form of granules. Made up of potassium polymers and traces of iron, these granules absorb and retain moisture when exposed to water, which is gradually released during drier conditions. The product, which is sold by Bells Industries Ltd, can also be used with other fertilizers such as Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)

Mehef Farm in Timau started using the fertilizer in February last year, after Jean Njiru the national sales manager of Bells Industries Ltd introduced it to the farm. The six-year old 100-acre farm grows various horticultural crops mostly for export to the United Kingdom. Kimanthi Manene, the farm's manager, says that they planted garden peas with Belsap. The results were phenomenal. The peas had a 97 per cent germination rate. "The plants now look healthier and promising compared with others despite planting during the dry season. We are now hoping to get high returns as we expect production to be high," said Kimanthi.

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