Water absorbing granules to the rescue

The action of expanding and contracting as the granules absorbs and releases moisture during the helps loosen the soil, which improves in aeration making oxygen available to the plant.

Farmers can save half of the water and labour by As drought ravages the country with deadly consequences, it is emerging that a technology that could help plants live through a dry spell is sparsely in use.

Slow release fertilizers were introduced in Kenya three years ago but their uptake has been as slow, a development Bell Chemicals sales manager Jean Njiru blames for  relatively new technology in Kenya is helping small-scale farmers efficiently utilize dwindling water resources to grow their crops.

These farmers are now able to cultivate crops without having to worry about the unpredictable rainfall patterns.

They are doing this by the use of a compound with the ability to expand up to 400 times its original size after absorbing moisture, which it then stores.

This compound or polymer then releases the stored moisture together with nutrients during the dry spell to the root of the plant.

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