All you need to know about PICS Bags

Why PICS is beloved

Insect pests pose a significant threat to the shelf-life of stored grain. Species like cowpea weevils, or bruchids, carry out their life cycle within grain, and their presence makes the crop unfit for human or animal consumption. PICS bags stops this damage 99.9%.

PICS hermetic bag is a triple layered bag with two polyethene liners and an outer protective high quality bag. Grain is stored in the innermost liner.

Grains are important crops to Kenya. Not only are they highly nutritious for humans, but they are also a source of fodder for animals, and are regularly used by families to generate their own income, thus providing an important source of liquidity for our farmers.

Make sure that the grains are DRY before storage


How much is a bag?

Available at Ksh. 250/- PICS bags are reusable for up to 3 years. When used and stored carefully (ensuring no holes in the liners), the bags can be used for even longer. PICS bags are available in major Agrovets across the country.

What crops can I use it on?

PICS Bags can be used on any cereals. Maize, beans, sorghum, green grams, the list is endless!

Is the bag suitable for storing seeds for planting in the next season?

Yes. seed stored in PICS bags have been proven to have a high germination rate.

Can the bag be opened and closed during storage?

You can open the bag after at least month of storage and begin using the grains :Limit opening to once or twice a month.

Does the addition of chemicals improve the performance of PICS bag?

Not at all. There’s no need for chemicals as PICS bag is an organic way of preserving your grains

Kinga Njaa na PICS bags

You can see the grain dust on the surface of the jute and woven bags, but the PICS bas stands untouched. Please note that this was to show the efficacy of PICS bags. We encourage users to store grain in PICS separate from highly infested grain

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